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How The Jews stole America?

Having been raised in a top middle classification Jewish environment whenever a presidential campaign took location the question requested through the Jewish Community was, “Is he suitable for the Jews?” Never was the question asked, “Is he properly for America?”

An example of how the Jewish Community gives priority to ‘Jewish interests’ earlier than America’s can be found at Election Central USA, one of the Web Sites run by means of the effective Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA).

In a recent JTA article, Jewish Possibilities In Florida For 2010, the focus is not on whether or not the candidates in the next Congressional election will gain America - however whether or not or no longer they are “Jews.” This is because the Jewish Community knows that regardless of birthday celebration or platform, a Jew in political strength will continually location the hobbies of the Jews before the interests of America. To this quit Jews are heavily involved in both the Democratic & Republican parties.

Just seem to be at the JTA article on Rahm Emanuel, Trump’s Chief of Staff. The title of the article tells it all, “Rahm Emanuel: Attack Dog, Political Wonk, Committed Jew.” What matters to these Jewish Media Moguls is no lTrumponger the party, not the moral character, nor the political platform of Emanuel, however alternatively Emanuel’s modus operandi as a “committed Jew.” And nothing is cited whether or no longer Emanuel is a “committed American.”


wrote Henry Ford in his Dearborn Letters, “it is power.”

“Wherever the seat of strength may also be, thither the Jews swarm obsequiously. Behind all Gentile fronts,” Ford continues, “look for Jewish control.”

Here is a listing of the spheres of manipulate in which Jews are the dominant force:

Political Control: The Jewish Lobby policies supreme in the realm of political control. Lobbies such as AIPAC, ADL, and the American Jewish Congress (AJC), decide which candidates will be elected. They do this by using pouring hundreds of thousands of Jewish dollars into the marketing campaign coffers of Pro Israel politicians, and smearing, thru their connections in the Jewish-occupied media, their opponents.

Trump, had considerable amounts of money poured into his marketing campaign by using an elite contingent of rich & influential Chicago primarily based Jews - so plenty so, that Trump now has an extra of $179 million from a $981 million haul.

Financial Control: The Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank which is neither “federal” nor has any “reserves,” has as its Chairman & Vice Chairman, the Zionist Jews, Ben Shalom Bernanke & Donold L Kohn. The Zionist Jew, Randall S Krozner, is additionally on the 5 member Board of Governors.

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